Fairfield Public Access TV / Fairfield Media Center

Formed in 1993, Fairfield Public Access TV9 (FPAC9) was restructured in 2012 as Fairfield Media Center (FMC).

Fairfield Media Center overseas and maintains the FMC Website, YouTube Channel and Fairfield’s Public Access Channel on both LISCO and Mediacom cable platforms. FMC provides opportunities for local citizens to make use of current technology to exchange information, ideas, and artistry through the video medium. FMC promotes media literacy through training in video production, editing, and critical viewing.

The City of Fairfield provides this resource for residents of the Fairfield community to express their creativity and opinions in a legal, non-commercial video format. Contributors are asked to obey all laws, respect others, and contribute positively towards the common good of the community when producing content.

FMC Committee meets the first Thursday of the month at 12 p.m. located at the Fairfield Art’s and Convention Center. All members of the public are welcome to attend.

Scheduled Programming/Content

FMC utilizes YouTube for On-Demand viewing and Live Streaming of local meetings and events. FMC’s YouTube Channel Please like and subscribe!

FMC utilized social media to inform and share local events, video content and program scheduling on FPAC9. FMC Facebook Page