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Agendas are available prior to the meetings.
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City Council LIVE Stream

"LIVE Stream"

Fairfield Media Center records the City Council meetings and provides a video archive via YouTube. Video Archive.


Minutes are also available following approval.
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The members of the Fairfield City Council are elected by the voters of Fairfield and serve for four-year terms. There are five Wards represented by one council member each, and there are two at-large positions as well.

The Fairfield City Council serves to administer and enforce the rules, regulations, policies, and budgets affecting all Fairfield departments and operations.

City Elections

The City of Fairfield is a Runoff Election city.  Candidates must file nomination papers (an affidavit of candidacy and nomination petitions) with the controlling Auditor of the City Clerk designated by the County Auditor to have their names placed on the regular City election ballot.

A city runoff election is held if one of the following occurs:

▪ No candidate received a majority of the votes cast for a particular office at the regular City election


▪ A write-in candidate received a majority of the votes cast at the regular City election and then declined the office.

If held, the city runoff election is held four weeks after the regular city–school election. Once nominated at the regular city–school election, candidates cannot withdraw before the city runoff election. If a city runoff election occurs, it is the final election. Candidate GuideNomination Petition and the Calendar. 

For complete information, please visit the Iowa Secretary of State website.