Animal Control

Fairfield Police Department enforces animal control within the city limits, ensuring dog license compliance and investigates all animal bites.

All stray dogs should be taken to the Veterinary Clinic located at 2504 W Burlington Avenue. In order to retrieve your dog, please come to the Jefferson County Law Center as all boarding and pick up fees must be paid prior to the dog being released from the Vet Clinic.

Fairfield Police Department will handle all initial animal bite complaints. This information is then forwarded to Jefferson County Public Health for follow up. Any animal that has bitten another animal or human is required to be quarantined for 10 days and provide proof of current shots.

The City of Fairfield passed an ordinance (PDF) in October of 2004 requiring licensing of all dogs in the City limits and it is mandatory that all dogs are current on their rabies shots, so please bring the rabies certificate with you.

This is an annual license and must be renewed every year, the time to register is January 1 through June 30. Fees are $10.00 for spayed and neutered dogs and $50.00 for non-spayed and non-neutered dogs. Any dog licensed after June 30 will be charged an additional $1.00 late fee per month. Dogs younger than 6 months do not have to be registered.

Live Trap Permits

Any citizen needing a live trap permit for feral cats, raccoons, etc. are required to have a live trap permit signed by the Police Chief. As per the Department of Natural Resources regulations, all animals must be released alive.

Live Trap Permit Application (PDF)

Dart Gun Rental (PDF)