Convention & Visitors Bureau Board

The Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) board consists of nine members each serving a three-year term.

Board of Directors

(5 appointed by mayor and council, 4 appointed by the board of directors)

Marg Dwyer - President

Tammy Dunbar

  • Term expires May 2022

Celesta Schill Napoleao

  • Term expires June 2022

Therese Cummiskey

  • Term expires May 2023

Josie Hannes

  • Term expires April 2021

Bob Moore

  • Term expires February 2022

Kara Waugh

  • Term expires March 2022

Alissa Ward

  • Term expires March 2023

Doug Alexander

  • Term expires October 2023

Terry Baker - Executive Director


  • Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce

Alan Costell

  • Fairfield Arts & Convention Center

Josh Laraby

  • Fairfield Economic Development Association

Dee Sandquist

  • Jefferson County Supervisors