Streets Department

A street sweeper cleaning a residential street surrounded by fallen leavesWhat We Do

The City of Fairfield Street Department (usually referred to as Public Works) is a vital part of the Fairfield community.

The Street Superintendent oversees the maintenance, upkeep, and construction of all city streets, alleys, and improvements taking place within the rights of way within the community. Street cleanings, snow removal, and annual yard and brush pick-ups are part of the activities throughout the year.

The department responds to emergencies and citizen complaints on any issues associated with traffic, sidewalks, sewers, or streets.

Street Maintenance

A man working on a street repair project in a residential area

  • Alley grading as needed and reported
  • Chipseal and Reclamite program on unimproved streets
  • Pothole patching, including some cold patching with UPM
  • Minor concrete street repair
  • Street Cleaning

Snow & Ice Removal

  • Snow and ice removal policy from the streets in the winter
    • We do not normally remove snow from alleys.
    • It is the responsibility of the person removing the snow from driveways and other places to get it up on the parking and off of the street.

Storm Sewer

  • Stormwater maintenance

Traffic Signals & Signs

The inside view of a traffic signal panel

We have 13 intersections in the City that are controlled by traffic lights. The bulbs were all updated with new LEDs (Light-emitting diode) in 2008. Each intersection has it's own computer that controls that intersection.