Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where adults and children use a GPS to find hidden containers.


We highly recommend using for geocaching. You can create a basic account for free, or pay for an upgraded account.

GPS and Geocaching Tips


To ensure the quality of the geocaches, we require a Geocaching Permit (PDF) for all geocaches that are placed:

  • In any of the 12 parks operated by the City of Fairfield Iowa
  • On the northeastern part of the Fairfield Loop Trail (from Whitham Woods to Lamson Woods).

Instructions for submitting the permit application are on the form.


  • Please respect our city by exercising geocaching best practices.
  • Follow all rules and use common sense.
  • Please do not deface city property.

Thank you! Happy geocaching.


City of Fairfield (Iowa) Code of Ordinances regarding respecting city property:

  • 9.44.010: Destruction of property. Without the consent of the owner, no person shall willfully cut, hack, scratch, or break, mark, paint, or scrawl upon, or in any other manner deface any private property of value, including buildings, shrubs, fruit trees, and fences. No person, except workmen or other persons whose duty requires them to do so, shall willfully cut, hack, scratch, break, mark, paint or scrawl upon or in any manner deface any public property, including signs, seats, benches, bandstands, or other fixture or structure. (Ordinance 626-9-14'1, 1980: Ordinance478'16, 1965).
  • 9.44.020: Defacing notices. No person shall deface or tear down or in any way destroy any legal notice lawfully posted; no person shall post any notice or sign on any property not owned by him or under his control without the consent of the owner thereof or the person having the control of it. (Ordinance 478'17, 1965).