Paul Gandy

City Council
Title: Second Ward: 4-year Term Jan 2022 - Jan 2026
Phone: 641-919-7285

Paul Gandy

Paul Gandy has been a Fairfield resident since 1984 and became a local small business owner soon after he arrived. While not born in Iowa, you will hear him say he chose Iowa and “got here as fast as he could”. Paul graduated from high school in Texas, earned his bachelor’s degree with honors from Harvard University and returned for his law degree from the University of Texas. He built a private law practice in Fairfield for 30 years, primarily advocating for debt relief for individuals, families, and small businesses in financial distress. In 2019, he joined AERON Lifestyle Technology, Inc.—a leading consumer products manufacturing firm headquartered in Fairfield, as its General Counsel. One of Paul’s most meaningful life experiences was earning Eagle Scout honors when he was 15 years old. As a child, Paul moved frequently all over the country while his father served for 29 years in the United States Air Force.

Paul is a graduate of the 2017-2018 Iowa League of Cities Municipal Leadership Academy. Paul has also served as a member of the Jefferson County Magistrate Nominating Commission and is currently serving as a member of the District 8A Judicial Nominating Commission. He has participated in the interview and selection process for district judge, district associate judge, and county magistrate positions. In that setting, working with city and county leaders in making decisions that affect our whole community is very important, and Paul finds it personally fulfilling. Paul believes that as a city council member these same skills are valuable in continuing to build on the effective public-private partnership that helps make Fairfield a great place to live, work, visit—and truly ‘one of America’s best small towns’.

He enjoys cheering for America’s Team—the Dallas Cowboys, as well as the University of Iowa Hawkeye football team and Iowa men’s and women’s basketball teams. Paul’s rooting for and closely following his nephew’s golf club management and (fingers crossed!)… pro career. He is also proud of his niece’s women’s rights advocacy work in Washington D.C. Paul is a regular at Fairfield’s Roosevelt Recreation Center and Cambridge SportsPlex. He is a member of the United Methodist Church in Fairfield. It’s an honor for him to serve his ward and his city.



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